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Ace has partnered with CPS to give you the ability to make more off of your customer base

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CPS warranties cover Power Tools, BBQ’s, Shop Vac’s. Lawn Mowers, Blowers, Outdoor Furniture and much much more!

Example of how it benefits:

  • BBQ sells for $399
  • Profit margin for this sale 12% ($44 profit)
  • Warranty cost $69
  • Warranty profit $35
  • New profit margin for this sale 21.5% ($79 profit)
  • Sale containing warranty has 75% more profit with no additional cost

Easy Integration with Your POS System

Warranty SKU’s are added to your database

Warranty SKU’s are associated with applicable products using the "sells with" feature already built into your POS

Warranty options are displayed when associated items are scanned

How Does it Work


Cashier sees warranty option in POS system
and presents to customer.


If customer opts in warranty is added to the register tape.


Cashier staples CPS warranty
trifold to the customers receipt.


CPS receives nightly
sales file from store.

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