Protect Your Products

The OEM 1 year USA Warranty will increase consumer demand for your product and allow you to obtain maximum value.


Give your customers the confidence they need to purchase these types of products:

Refurbished & Used

Refurbished & Used
OEMs typically offer 30-90 day warranties on their refurbished products. Boost sales and profit margins by including a 1 year USA Warranty on all of your refurbished offerings

OEM and Private Label

OEM and Private Label
Save money, time, and personnel by outsourcing the entire customer service and OEM warranty process by including a 1 year USA Warranty.

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Imported Products/Grey Market
Manufactures void their warranty on imported products. The 1 year USA Warranty will enable you to properly market them.

Much Much More!

Unlocked Phones
Smartphone manufacturers will void their warranty on unlocked cell phones. The 1 year USA Warranty will provide your customers with the protection they need.

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