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Warranty Features

  • Zero deductible
  • Thousands of service centers
  • Convenient toll-free 800 number
  • If we can't fix it, we will replace it
  • 100% parts and labor coverage
  • No lemon policy
  • Fully renewable, fully transferable
  • Hassle free claims system
  • Onsite service included for large appliances
  • Covers both new and refurbished units

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is an extension of your original manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranty protects you from the high costs of replacement parts and labor necessary to repair your product.

What types of coverage does Consumer Priority Service (CPS) offer on my Ollie’s item?

When purchasing a Television, Air Conditioner, Major Appliance, or other protection plans, the customer will receive an additional 2 years of parts and labor coverage.

How is this different than the manufacturer’s warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty usually offers limited coverage for a specific time period, with parts and labor carrying separate lengths of coverage.

Consumer Priority Service warranties provide comprehensive, long term coverage. This means that should your product fail within your warranty coverage time frame, both parts and labor costs are covered.

What items are eligible for a protection plan?

Both new and refurbished Televisions, Air Conditioners, and Major Appliances are eligible for a protection plan.

How do I purchase a CPS protection plan from Ollie’s?

Customers who are looking to purchase one can do so by going to . Simply enter in the purchase price and the type of product you purchased, then click "Purchase Warranty," followed by your billing information. Once completed, you will receive a warranty number and a confirmation showing that your product is protected.

Can I purchase an accidental protection plan after I purchase my product?

Yes, Ollie’s customers can purchase a warranty up to 30 days from the original date of purchase of their products.


Do I need to register my product in order to file a claim?

No, registration is not required. All necessary information can be obtained by our Customer Experience team at the time of claim.

When does my coverage start?

New Products: Begins after the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty and goes into effect on day 366, for a total of 3-years.

Refurbished Products: Begins on day 31 for a total of 2 years. The first 30 days are covered by the Ollie’s return policy.

How do I arrange for service?:

To initiate a claim, simply call CPS Customer Experience at 800-905-0443 or email Please have your Ollie’s receipt and the warranty number available so our Customer Service representatives are able to quickly assist you.

What does my protection plan policy cover?:

What is Covered:

  • 100% parts and labor.
  • Onsite service included on large appliances.
  • Power surges.
  • Food loss up to $250 (on applicable products)

What is NOT Covered:

  • Accidental damage.
  • We do not cover items that are sold as-is/Ollie’s Follies or fail within the first 30 days. Ollie’s normal return policy is in effect for anything within 30 days of purchase.
  • We do not cover accessories and consumer replaceable parts (e.g. batteries, ink cartridges, lenses, cables, etc.).
  • We do not cover stolen or lost products.