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Approximately 70% of customers do not purchase a warranty at the time of sale. Don’t let that market share slip through your fingers.

You can generate new revenue from existing customers by signing up for our expert-driven outreach solution, CPS Aftermarket.

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Increase Revenue Capture revenue from customers who did not purchase a warranty when they purchased their product

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Fully Automated CPS sends 4 emails on your behalf to each customer who did not purchase a warranty at the time of sale

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Improved Customer Experience Increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling their warranty needs, delivering peace of mind as they enjoy their products

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Expert-Driven Outreach Applying expertise gained from years as a warranty provider, CPS leverages our customer's insights to craft email campaigns.

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Better Conversions Automatically send emails at key points during the customer's purchase cycle, leading to an average customer conversion rate of 15%.

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Easy Setup Easily connect your eCommerce platform and we'll handle everything else: customer data collection, emails, purchase receipts and more.

So what are you waiting for?

CPS helps you provide a truly valuable accessory to your customer that not only increases your sales, but helps you build further trust with your customers.

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