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We proudly offer our state-of-the-art CPS Extended Warranty Upsell app designed to help dealers integrate extended and accidental coverage warranties onto their e-commerce platform products.

Whether you're selling electronics, appliances, or furniture, our app will help you effortlessly enhance your customers' purchasing experience.

Install the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App on to your site

Not only does the app streamline the installation and integration process, but it also provides a multitude of benefits for your business.

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Higher Profit Margins

Offering extended warranty coverage not only increases your bottom line, but it also boosts consumer confidence and trust.

The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App ensures that your products come with comprehensive protection that gives your customers added peace of mind, and helps drive repeat business.

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Consumers expect to have access to top-quality products with extensive warranty coverage when they shop online.

With the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App, you can easily provide your customers with extended and accidental coverage that enhances their overall shopping experience and boosts satisfaction rates.

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Greater Peace of Mind

Extended and accidental coverage protects your customers against potential product malfunctions, giving them added peace of mind when purchasing from your online store.

The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App takes the guesswork out of the warranty coverage process, allowing you to offer reliable protection without adding stress to the sales process.

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Hassle-Free Installation and Integration

Integrating extended and accidental coverage onto your website can be a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process.

The FREE CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App streamlines the process. It automates the installation and integration, so you can focus on running your business and leave the warranty coverage to the experts.

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Increased Website Traffic

The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App provides your customers with added value, which leads to increased website traffic and potential new business.

Additionally, the added peace of mind that comes with the extended warranty coverage can attract new customers and boost sales.

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Expanded Revenue Opportunities

Offering extended and accidental warranty coverage creates new revenue opportunities for your business.

With the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App, you can add extended warranty coverage to the products you sell on your site, creating additional revenue streams without requiring additional effort or investment.

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