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Protection for your customers' kitchen cabinets is a must. As a dealer and installer, you know that your customers invest in quality cabinets to enhance their kitchen's beauty and functionality.

Protect your customers' investments with our CPS Cabinet Extended Warranty Coverage.

Coverage Includes

CPS Commerical Appliance Coverage Includes

Broken bar icon Accidental damage coverage for paint chipping, scratches, and latches.

Reflecting shield icon Protection for manufacturer's defects, ensuring quality and longevity for your customers' cabinets.

Door handle icon Handles, knobs, drawers, and hinges coverage to keep all elements functioning at their best.

Fork and knife icon In-home service coverage to save your customers time and hassle.

Icon of gear with wrench in center Included removal and reinstallation to provide full support throughout the process.

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Investing in CPS Cabinet Extended Warranty Coverage is a wise choice that will show your customers your commitment to their satisfaction and their investments.

Choose CPS for the best protection available for your customers' kitchen cabinets.

Why Dealers Love CPS

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Peace of Mind Guaranteed

As a dealer and installer of quality kitchen cabinets, your customers expect durable and long-lasting products. You can trust that their cabinets will remain as good as new even after years of usage.

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Worry-Free Warranty Coverage

Our extended warranties are insurance-backed to ensure your customers are fully covered in case of unexpected damage or repairs. You can relax, knowing that they are protected from the financial burden of costly repairs.

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Protect Against Accidental Damage

Accidents can happen even in the most careful households. CPS Cabinet Extended Warranty Coverage includes accidental damage coverage, so your customers can rest easy knowing they are covered against pain chipping, scratches, and latches.

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Endless Profit Margins

As a dealer of CPS warranties, you have the power to set your own MSRP and earn unlimited profit margins. Your customers get exceptional value on our quality products backed by an industry-leading warranty.

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Why Customers Love CPS

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Full Coverage on Parts and Labor

Kitchen cabinets are the heart of a home, and customers deserve to know they're protected if anything goes wrong. That's why CPS offers extended warranty coverage that includes full parts and labor.

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Removal & Reinstallation

We know that dealing with damaged or malfunctioning cabinets can be stressful for both dealers and customers. To ease the burden, we offer removal and reinstallation of affected cabinetry as part of our coverage.

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Accessories Included

Our program covers handles, knobs, drawers, and hinges - all the components that contribute to a smooth and stylish cabinet system. Don't let a broken handle or loose hinge derail your customers' kitchen experience.

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Guarantee Your Customers' Satisfaction

With CPS's extended warranty coverage, your customers can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong with their cabinets, we'll take care of it. Our top-notch customer service will have them back to cooking up a storm in no time.

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