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Why Dealers Love CPS

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Trust and Accountability

At CPS, we understand that when it comes to medical equipment and mobility electronics, trust and accountability are of utmost importance.

Our extended warranty program is backed by the most trusted warranty provider in the country, with over 50,000 authorized technicians in our nationwide service network.

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Simple Coverage Options

We believe in simplicity and transparency. There are no hidden fees or deductibles with our extended warranty program, and the coverage begins the moment your customer purchases it and ends after the term is up. 

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Multiple Product Coverages

Our extended warranty program covers a wide range of products, including all major brands and sizes of medical equipment and mobility electronics. 

From mobility scooters to oxygen concentrators, from power wheelchairs to hospital beds, we've got you covered. 

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CPS Medical Equipment

Mobility Extended Warranties Offer Unbeatable Protection

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CPAP Machine

Our extended warranty for CPAP machines will provide coverage for any electrical, mechanical, or structural failures, ensuring that users always get the best out of their breathing therapy equipment.

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Ear Care

With our extended warranty, customers will have peace of mind knowing that any hearing aids, hearing amplifiers, or ear protection devices they purchase will be protected against manufacturer defects and accidental damage.

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Our warranty provides additional protection for glasses and contact lenses, covering damages such as scratches, chips, and breaks.

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Motorized and Non-Motorized Wheelchairs and Scooters

Whether it’s a motorized scooter or a manually propelled wheelchair, our extended warranty ensures that users get the best out of their mobility equipment.

We provide coverage for motor and battery failure, as well as any other defects.

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Hospital Bed

The extended warranty we offer on hospital beds includes comprehensive coverage for the bed frame, motors, controls, and any other critical components.

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Exercise Equipment

Our warranty covers all kinds of exercise equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines, giving customers peace of mind that their equipment will work as intended.

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We understand that medical equipment can be expensive. That's why we provide additional protection for items such as lift chairs, adjustable beds, and mobility ramps.

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Portable Medical Devices

Our extended warranty for portable medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and pulse oximeters covers the device and all included accessories.

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Massage Chair

With our warranty, customers will have the security of knowing that their massage chair is protected from defects, malfunctions, and other issues.

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Wearable Technology

Our extended warranty for wearable technology like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other health monitoring devices gives users peace of mind, knowing they have protection against any malfunction or accidental damage.

Why Customers Love CPS

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Maximum Protection for Medical Equipment and Mobility Devices

Keep your customers' medical equipment and mobility devices in tip-top condition with our dependable extended warranties.

With our extended warranties, you can guarantee your customers that their investment is covered for years to come, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

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Stress-Free Claims

We understand that your customers rely heavily on their medical equipment and mobility devices to carry out their daily activities. That's why we offer an industry-leading warranty that makes claims easy and quick, allowing you to keep generating income while we get their equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Our process is hassle-free, providing a stress-free experience for your customers.

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Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction

At CPS Medical Equipment/Mobility Extended Warranties, we pride ourselves in providing unbeatable customer satisfaction. Our extended warranties eliminate the stress of costly repairs, so your customers can feel confident knowing they've got the best protection for a price that fits within their budget.

Your customers will appreciate the level of care and protection we provide for their valuable medical equipment and mobility devices.