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19 Point Inspection

Remove debris/clean outside condenser

Check for damage

Check ducts for leaks

Inspect ducts for dust, mold, or debris

Check all connections

Test temperature differences

Check the HVAC cabinet for leaks

Check burner unit

Test all safety features

Inspect the blowers and blades to maintain proper airflow

Check that unit is leveled

Inspect electrical connections

Inspect heat exchanger

Inspect filters

Inspect humidifier pads

Thermostat calibration

Check for excessive noise or vibration when blower motors are running

Make sure the fan motor is operating correctly

Check screws, latches, and gaskets in need of repair or replacement

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Get a Healthy System Annual HVAC tune-ups are essential to ensuring safe operation of your heating or cooling system. By performing this maintenance annually, you can significantly reduce the risk of system breakdown or costly repairs.

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Extend Life By regularly performing tune-ups on your HVAC system, you can significantly extend its life.

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Save Thousands In many cases, annual HVAC tune-ups can save thousands in replacement costs for a new heating or cooling system.

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Tune-ups are essential

All heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, and filters must undergo a comprehensive check-up annually—just like your car or TV

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Minimize risks

Regular maintenance ensures your equipment is operating as it should, safely and efficiently, preventing costly repairs down the road

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Improve system performance

With routine maintenance on critical components like pressure levels and temperatures, system performance can stay well within manufacturer specifications

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