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When selling TVs, don't leave your customers stranded with damaged devices.

Introduce them to CPS Television Accidental Extended Warranties, covering accidental damage to their new screens!

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Accidental Damage Coverage

CPS covers any unexpected accidents, spills, and drops, saving your customers hundreds of dollars on repair fees.

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Impact Damage

TV mounted above the fireplace? No worries! CPS warranties have impact damage coverage for TVs falling off mounts and taking a tumble.

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Kids Will Be Kids

CPS won't blame your customers for their kids playing catch in the living room. Covered accidental damage is covered for anything unintentional.

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Say Goodbye To Burn-In

Often, OEMs won't cover the long-term effects of burn-in. But with CPS, burn-in damage is a non-issue.

In-Home Service

For quick service at the time of claim, CPS will dispatch manufacturer-authorized service for repairs without shipping large panels off or extended wait times.

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Show your customers you care with CPS Television Accidental Extended Warranties and keep their devices running for the long haul.

Why Dealers Love CPS

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Trust and Accountability

As a retailer or e-commerce store selling televisions to customers, you know how important it is to provide trustworthy and reliable products. That's why we offer CPS Television Accidental Extended Warranties, backed by the most trusted warranty provider in the country. With over 50,000 authorized technicians in our nationwide service network, your customers can trust that their TV investment is in good hands.

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Accidental Damage Coverage

Protect your customers' TV investment with our Accidental Damage Coverage. We know accidents happen, and that's why we offer coverage that starts as soon as your customer purchases the warranty. Your customers can have peace of mind knowing their TV is protected from unexpected accidents.

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Multiple Product Coverages

Our extended warranty program covers a variety of products, including all major brands and sizes of televisions. From small, sleek TVs for apartments and dorm rooms to large, high-quality screens for home theatres, we have your customers covered. Keep your customers' TVs and other electronics secure with an extended warranty from CPS.

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Why Customers Love CPS

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Maximum Protection on Parts and Labor

Keep your customers' television sets up and running with a dependable extended warranty. In today's world, accidents are bound to happen. But with our extended warranty, your customers can rest assured that their investment is covered for years to come.

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Stress-Free Claims

Your customers will appreciate knowing that their TV is secured by an industry-leading warranty. Our claims process is quick and easy, allowing you to keep generating income while we handle the repairs. No need to worry about any financial setbacks caused by damages, as our accidental damage protection will take care of it all.

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Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction

At CPS, we aim to provide your customers with the best customer satisfaction experience possible. No longer will they have to stress over costly repairs or the uncertainty of unexpected expenses. With our affordable and reliable extended warranties, your customers can feel confident and worry-free about their television set for years to come.

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