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If you own a BigCommerce store that sells electronic items, appliances, or gadgets, it is crucial to increase your store’s credibility by offering warranties on your products

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CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App For BigCommerce

It has been long established that consumers perceive warranties as a sign of higher product quality. So the fact that eCommerce store owners have been increasingly keen to offer warranties is not surprising.

Customers want to spend their money on durable products that guarantee a longer life – and the option to return a defective item has a lasting impact on their buying decision.

It goes without saying that offering a warranty contributes to increasing your store’s bottom line and enhancing the customer experience. Especially when you are selling electronic items, you need to gain the customers’ trust by ensuring them of the product’s quality and the company’s support in case of an issue.

As eCommerce continues to grow, you need to integrate a warranty app into your BigCommerce store to boost customer loyalty and improve your sales performance.

The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App for BigCommerce connects warranties to your products without any coding!

Let’s learn more about CPS and how it can boost your BigCommerce store.

Ensure The Best Customer Experience

As an E-commerce store owner, you no longer have to spend time integrating warranties into your product listings. The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App is designed to enhance customer experiences by addressing the warranty management challenges faced by E-commerce retailers.

Simply install the app, and it will start connecting the warranties on its own.

As a comprehensive warranty administration and services solution for BigCommerce stores, it focuses on delivering the best end-user experiences that ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty to your store.

Install the app now to experience seamless warranty integrations for your store!

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How Can The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App Help Your BigCommerce Store?

The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App is created to increase the profit margins for BigCommerce retailers on electronic items or other categories that provide little to no room for earning profits. By adding warranties to each product through this app, the retailers can earn a 100% profit margin on each warranty's sale. Moreover, it develops credibility with your customers and increases their loyalty and satisfaction with your store.

The app covers over 60 different categories of physical products that include electronics, furniture, jewelry, appliances, luggage, musical instruments, cameras, gaming accessories, and a lot more.

Since these categories come with a product warranty, the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App helps you add a small box on the warranty page.

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This box prompts your customers to buy additional warranty coverage on the product, which includes:

With free and automatic integrations, the app also saves you from spending huge amounts of money on a programmer to update the product listings that display a warranty's availability. This means you can put all your focus on selling your products while enjoying more revenue.

So, to make your BigCommerce store more profitable, simply install the app and integrate it with your BigCommerce store. After this, the app automatically starts to map your products and add warranties to your products. The customers add the warranty and the product to their cart. When the purchase is confirmed, CPS emails them the warranty information.

You can even tap into the pricing for all warranties connected to your account.
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CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App – Functionality And Features

To understand the app better, let’s study its features:


Here you can access all the information on your product warranties and access warranty sales reporting


This includes all information on the warranty sales that can be skimmed through the data filter, search option, and pagination.


View your store’s product listings here that are updated after every 24 hours to display their warranty status. The products can also be searched through filtering by status and searching by name or BigCommerce product ID.


View all the pricing information on your products and warranties here. You can easily search and filter them by category, Warranty SKU, or pagination.

Other than these features, the app also offers customization options so that you can match the size and font according to your BigCommerce store’s theme.

Download the app now for happier customers and better profits.

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In Conclusion

If you own a BigCommerce store that sells electronic items, appliances, or gadgets, it is crucial to increase your store’s credibility by offering warranties on your products.

This not only increases your customer base but also helps you stand apart from the competition.
This is why you need the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App for BigCommerce.

About CPS

Since its inception in 1990, Customer Priority Service (CPS) has become the number one choice for retailers, eCommerce stores, manufacturers, and distributors. It is a customer-centric company that offers flexible service solutions to leading businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Their comprehensive range of solutions includes OEM and extended warranty, returns management, call-center services, superior technical support, data analysis expertise, and business consultations.

CPS delivers award-winning service and is rated the number one service provider in its class by Google, Trustpilot, and Reseller Ratings. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best Rating of "A-" (Excellent) Insurance carrier.