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CYA Home Warranty Retail Card

Join The First and Only Home Warranty Retail Card On The Market Today!

CYA Home Warranty Retail Card

  • Order up to 10 complimentary cards per retail location and sell each card for $59.99 for 1 month of service. You keep the first month!
  • Your customer registers online and receives 1 month of warranty coverage, with the option to purchase additional time.
  • We welcome your customers within 1-3 business days while you rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

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Why Customers Love it

Our comprehensive coverage protects your customers even when homeowners’ and renters’ insurance won’t.

Customers enjoy our award-winning service, including a 30-day workmanship guarantee and factory authorized service.

Customers save with flexible, long-term warranty options. The longer their term, the better their savings.

Customers receive over 60% savings on any additional months purchased (for a limited time).

Retailer Benefits:

  • Improve Your Bottom Line - Keep 100% profit on each card sold, while our innovative product pays for itself month after month
  • Get Ahead - Increase revenue with a product with no start-up costs and 100% risk-free.
  • Provide Peace of Mind - Give your customers complete protection against all major and minor home system failures and defects.

Coverage Includes:

Heating & Cooling A/Cs
, Heating Units & Heat Pumps

Electrical Systems
Wiring, Fuse Boxes & Outlets

Plumbing Systems
Water Heater, Pipes, Toilets & Faucets

Kitchen Appliances Refrigerator,
Oven, Range & Microwave

Laundry Appliances
Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer

Pool and Hot Tub Pools
and in-ground Spas & Hot Tubs

Pool and Hot Tub Pools
and in-ground Spas & Hot Tubs

Garbage Disposals

Electronics TVs, Computers,
Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

Gaming Systems
and much more!


Generate 100% Profit - One card covers 1 month of service which you sell at $59.99.

Peace of Mind - With this innovative retail card on hand, customers can purchase peace of mind at a bargain price

Hassle-Free Claims - We provide quick turnaround on any service appointments for your customers within 1-3 days while you stay informed on every step through our customer notification system.

Cover Entire Home Systems - Reduce risk and cover a broad spectrum of appliances and home systems including heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, and appliances.